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Allison Janney won an Emmy last week in the category of Guest Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Margaret Scully on Masters of Sex. Janney spoke to Fresh Air a few weeks ago about filming the sex scenes: 

"The situation is so awkward that you do have to become fast friends [with the other actors], or you look for anything to be comfortable with your scene partner. Maybe that’s sharing some silly thing that happened with you in bed your first time or whatever — anything to break the ice.

I had to ask for just a little shot of courage before I had my first sex scene with Teddy Sears [on Masters of Sex] who is just the most gorgeous, wonderful, handsome specimen. … When I say courage, just a little shot of bourbon … I just wanted something to take the edge off because I was beyond nervous. Who gets to do a sex scene when you’re 50?” 

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